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Dressing Respectfully

I believe it is important for any girl or woman to express her feminitity, but in a modest manner. Being provocative around men could cause them to sin.

I’ve seen it all too much nowadays. What would’ve been scandalous 100 years ago would be fashionable today. It’s not pleasing to some people’s eyes to see other women disrespecting their body by looking like a streetwalker, or to some good men out there.

Miniskirts would’ve been horrificly scandalous to wear 200 years ago, but look at teenage girls ( and women alike ) today! It doesn’t seem ” wrong ” to them. Skimpy tank tops, short dresses, shirts with plunging necklines, it’s all too common in this day and age.

So I ask all you women and girls to cover your bodies up, save them for marriage, dress respectfully, but have fun whilst doing it. Remember, modesty doesn’t have to mean frumpy. 🙂

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