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Finding The Right Head Coverings For You

For those of you who are covering or just starting to cover, you know finding the right head covering can be a little tricky sometimes. There are things one must think about such as the weather ( get cotton head coverings for hot summer months so you won’t get overheated ), the rules of your family ( if they have certain rules about patterns and such ), your own comfort, even your budget!

Budget? I currently shop at thrift stores for my scarfs because I’m such a terrible saver and the head coverings I want ( from online ) require some saving.

Rules? I’m the only one in my entire family who covers so I get to make my own rules about what head coverings I wear.

Hot summer months? Cotton or thin scarfs for me.

My own comfort? I like kerchiefs and scarfs ( I hope to own a veil soon. )

The head covering has survived throughout the years in small ways, and I hope the head covering movement will continue to grow. Feel free to comment if you have questions, prayer requests, or just want to say hey!

God bless!

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