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One Modesty Standard?

What is modesty? Is it loose pants or skirts? Does it depend on the person or is there only ” one modesty standard “? This is something I’ve been contemplating for a long time now.

It would require a somewhat extensive bible study, and the comparing of verses. It would be good, though, to start in 1 Corinthians, in my opinion.

Modesty for me? Non provocative clothing like loose skirts, shirts, and dresses.

The Amish way of life has interested me for a while. Their simplicity and their modest dress is very appealing, except as far as I know they believe that Sunday is the Sabbath, and not the Saturday as the Sabbath. I’ve also admired their prayer caps.

Sadly I have been unable to attend my SDA church, for a number of reasons. First, it’s out of town. Secondly, gas prices have skyrocketed. And three, getting certain people in this family can be quite difficult. So sometimes I attend my friend’s Baptist church on Sundays.

Anyway, back to the modesty subject, I believe every one person ( especially the women ) need to do a bible study for themselves on modesty, or a whole group of women maybe! Then they could discuss between themselves particular verses and how they’ve interperted the verses.

I know I need to do some more Bible study on the subject of modesty. But meanwhile, study the Bible for yourselves, and see what you can find.

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