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Modesty In Shorts? ( Plus some stuff on plain dress )

Yes I believe there can be modesty in shorts. I wear shorts sometimes to dance, but I try to not wear shorts that ride up my booty, lol. ( Please forgive my use of the word booty but I can’t think of any nicer, more appropriate word. )

I don’t wear shorts in general public. Maybe at home a few times and at dance, but that’s it. Lately, I’ve wondered if people think I’m a hypocrite since I wear skirts and dresses in general public?

I’m far from perfect. I make mistakes, like sometimes choosing the wrong outfit. I’m not always modest, but I try my best, eh?

I voiced my concern last night to my mom because my tap teacher is most likely getting us booty shorts. ( That’s actually why they’re called. ) I shudder at the thought of wearing them again. They might be an okay thing, but they’re like a second skin on me, if you know I mean. Modest? Haven’t decided…….

I’m sure that most, if not all, the teachers and dances at the studio I go to are Christians, but that seem to have very little sense of modesty. One girl’s parents ( who’s father is a preacher. ) did have a problem with the booty shorts. Sadly, I think she moved and she is no longer able to attend. Or she’s in a different group… Anyway!

I suppose if I don’t grow much more for 10 more months ( I’m a little over 5 feet 5 inches! ), that the booty shorts won’t get any tighter ( yeah right! ) or any shorter ( shakes my head with sarcasm ), they might be fine.

I’m also drawn to plain dress, though I do wear colorful head scarfs and outfits sometimes. As I write this post, I’m wearing a denim dress and a long sleeve black shirt. It’s a little hot at the moment ( one might say a bit muggy ) so I took off my flowered headscarf. ( I’m in the house. )

I’ve read Quaker Jane’s website and many different blogs on different Christian denominations and some of their followers’ individual beliefs and thoughts on modesty, etc. Quaker Jane is a very nice and very intelligent woman. 🙂 I can agree very much with her views on plain dress and modesty.

Anyway, I got off the subject of modesty in shorts. Feel free to comment about this and ( respectfully ) state your opinions on this topic. 🙂

God bless!

  1. October 17, 2011 at 10:04 am

    I think that shorts can be modest, but a lot of what I’m seeing nowadays are shorts that look like underwear. Definitely not modest.

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