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How To Be Modest?

There is no How To Be Modest 101 handbook in life. You, ( or your community depending on your beliefs, or your parents if you aren’t a legal adult.  ) decide what’s modest for you. Example: My 10 year old sister wears jeans. Okay, Mom’s fine with it. But with certain jeans, like skinny jeans, she requires my sister to wear a shirt long enough to cover her booty.

Don’t ever hesitate to ask your parents about what you can wear and such. If you’ve got an outfit in your closet that you’re not 100% sure they’ll let you wear in public, ask ’em!!

I wear skirts, but I do dance in shorts sometimes. Am I wrong to do it? No! Because in my family it’s considered modest or ok to do so.

What’s your modesty style?

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