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Every Great Post Doesn’t Have a Title………

It’s been a hectic couple of weeks. My mom is training to be a peer counselor for women wanting to breast-feed their babies and my dad can’t work because he’s on disability. So I have three ( half the time ) lovely children to help take care of, still complete my homeschool schoolwork, and have time to myself! Thankfully she isn’t gone more than about 7 ( 9 sometimes ) hours and I like letting everyone sleep til 10. ( And she only has to go a couple of times a week. )

Anyway! I haven’t been able to blog as much and I haven’t really  have ideas for a post lately. ( Another reason as to why I haven’t been posting multiple posts in a day. ) I also spend a lot of time playing games, reading, and surfing the web. 

The subject of head coverings has been on my mind a lot lately ( when I have time to think ). What qualifies to be a head covering? Does it have to cover a certain amount of hair to be able to be deemed a head covering?

What are your thoughts?

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