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Oh I Need a Post Title!

I have a great deal to blog about, but an appropiate blog title escapes me at the moment.

Despite being Seventh Day Adventist, I occasionally succumb and go to my friends’ Baptist church on Sunday morning. As far as I have seen, no other woman or girl in that church wears a head covering of any kind. I’m also afraid to admit to my friends why I cover in church and show them the verses in the Bible supporting my conviction. I am not up for debating the Scripture at the moment. ( Hey, at least I’m being honest with y’all )

None of my friends or family know about this blog, perhaps one day they’ll stumble upon this. I feel I can blog freely, without being afraid to fully admit my beliefs and convictions! One day I might show this blog to my mom, but who knows!

Oh, an update! My dad told me that I look nice in skirts! Rejoice! He has been trying to buy me some jeans for ages! I think he prefers me wearing the skirts that come just above my knee, though, which isn’t a problem.

  1. October 7, 2011 at 5:54 am

    Being a Baptist all my life, I wonder how you reconcile the different theology?

    I would think that you need to be concerned less with being able to persuade others and more concerned that you are right with God. If you are right with Him, Romans 14 teaches that that is all that is important!

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