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My 50th Post! ( October 7 )

It’s my 50th post! Amazing, huh?

In honor of this 50th post, I’ve decided to host a small contest. Readers who wear skirts or jeans, submit a comment below about why you wear or why you don’t wear skirts/jeans. One comment per reader. Tell me what you wear, and how it’s modest.
The first five commenters will have the chance to submit a guest post to me on their views on modesty. If they’re a WordPress user, they can accept an invite from me so they can have posting privileges. If not, they can send their submissions via email with their ” name “, whether real or simply a username. ( Email: phoneaddikt@gmail.com ) If you choose to submit your submission via email, please be aware that my Gmail does not always work properly. If I don’t receive an email submission with three days either it’s not working or y’all have commented! ( The commenter who receives the most likes by October 21st needs to email me with what he/she wants to do, regarding to the submission. )

The other commenters? Whosever comment gets the most likes will also get the chance to submit a guest post if they want. Remember to include a vaild email ( which will not be seen by the general public ) and post responsibly! Only one post per person, or they will be disqualified!

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