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What I Have a Problem With-Others Judging Others Based On Appearance

I have been a good many places where people-adults, teens, and children alike-judge other people ( including me ) based on appearance. It’s not only rude but ignorant. Strangers have no idea why I dress the way I do, some family and friends don’t even know why I dress the way I do! Yet some stares, dirty looks ( which I haven’t remembered getting…yet.. ), and those who whisper ” behind my back “, causes me to realize that 1. Some people simply aren’t educated about other beliefs/styles, some are just rude, or some are just admiring me for my modest style. But nonetheless, people will and do judge based on appearance.

Feeling Alone?

Are you the only one or one of the few women/men in your family that dress modestly? Feeling alone because you think no one shares your beliefs?

You’re not alone.

If you have the privilege of a computer or a mobile device w/ internet access, try searching for online modesty groups ( with your parents’ or if you’re a woman, your husband’s permission ). There are some out there. ( There are even some on Facebook, I’m a member of one. )

You may not know any ” modesty fanatics ” in real life, but there are some out there in cyberspace. 

If any of you readers have some prayer requests, feel more than free to comment and I’ll pray for you. 🙂

God bless you all!

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