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When Did Bikinis Become Acceptable?

The title says it all. When did bikinis become acceptable?

A bit of a sticky topic, I daresay, but one that needs to be addressed.

300 years ago, it probably would’ve been scandalous to wear a bikini to the beach. They had different dress codes back then.

Nowadays, it’s perfectly acceptable for any girl or women to wear a bikini to the beach. Why? Why has it become acceptable to be nearly naked ( or of you’re at a nude beach, totally naked. ) in the name of swimming?!

I’ve seen teenage girls post pictures of themselves in bikinis whilst at the beach. ( Once I even received a picture message from a friend in a bikini. Which brings me to another question: Is sending a picture of yourself barely clad counted as pornography? )

Posting barely clad pictures of yourself anywhere can catch mens’ attention, even womens’, but mostly mens’. Being scantily clad may make you look sexy, but you can get the wrong attention.

Be sure to search for modest bathing suit sites. They do exist. 🙂

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