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Don’t Be A Clone

December 31, 2011 Leave a comment

I often times would ( and sometimes still do ) worry about other people’s opinions. Whether they were family or friends, my modest dress is a big change from the skinny jeans. But then I remembered that everyone has their own style, it’s not on me if they judge me for what I wear, and that my Creator will give me the strength to endure comments or jabs from outspoken people.

Never be afraid to have your own style. In my opinion, being a ” clone ” is if you strictly adhere to the latest fashions but are afraid to wear your pink leopard print flip-flops with skinny jeans when converse shoes are ” supposed ” to be worn with skinny jeans. ( Ok, horrible representation, but I hope you get the jest of what I’m saying. )

Don’t be afraid to be you.


Respecting Your Body-The Temple of The Creator

December 28, 2011 Leave a comment

Do women respect their bodies anymore? I know some do, but a lot don’t. There’s a lot of ways to disrespect your body ( and we really don’t need to go into explaining all the ways how….. ) and one of them, of course, is wearing immodest, revealing clothing.

Immodest, revealing clothing can be: Tight leggings by themselves, low-cut shirts, bikinis, short shorts, etc.

For those of us trying to be modest, there’s someone else out there ( whether it’s TV or even people we associate ourselves with, trying to influence us differently. ( Sometimes friends don’t know that they’re influencing us! )

Which brings me to another thing: Be very careful who you hang out with and talk to. Some people are bad influences ( I know this from personal experience ) and hinder us in our walk with our Creator.

Oh I Need a Post Title!

October 7, 2011 1 comment

I have a great deal to blog about, but an appropiate blog title escapes me at the moment.

Despite being Seventh Day Adventist, I occasionally succumb and go to my friends’ Baptist church on Sunday morning. As far as I have seen, no other woman or girl in that church wears a head covering of any kind. I’m also afraid to admit to my friends why I cover in church and show them the verses in the Bible supporting my conviction. I am not up for debating the Scripture at the moment. ( Hey, at least I’m being honest with y’all )

None of my friends or family know about this blog, perhaps one day they’ll stumble upon this. I feel I can blog freely, without being afraid to fully admit my beliefs and convictions! One day I might show this blog to my mom, but who knows!

Oh, an update! My dad told me that I look nice in skirts! Rejoice! He has been trying to buy me some jeans for ages! I think he prefers me wearing the skirts that come just above my knee, though, which isn’t a problem.

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