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Oh I Need a Post Title!

October 7, 2011 1 comment

I have a great deal to blog about, but an appropiate blog title escapes me at the moment.

Despite being Seventh Day Adventist, I occasionally succumb and go to my friends’ Baptist church on Sunday morning. As far as I have seen, no other woman or girl in that church wears a head covering of any kind. I’m also afraid to admit to my friends why I cover in church and show them the verses in the Bible supporting my conviction. I am not up for debating the Scripture at the moment. ( Hey, at least I’m being honest with y’all )

None of my friends or family know about this blog, perhaps one day they’ll stumble upon this. I feel I can blog freely, without being afraid to fully admit my beliefs and convictions! One day I might show this blog to my mom, but who knows!

Oh, an update! My dad told me that I look nice in skirts! Rejoice! He has been trying to buy me some jeans for ages! I think he prefers me wearing the skirts that come just above my knee, though, which isn’t a problem.

My Few Days WITHOUT the Head Covering

October 2, 2011 1 comment

It started out with simply forgetting to don my head scarf as I rushed out to the car or being caught ” unscarved ” in a situation.

Quite honestly I didn’t feel uncomfortable in public! Sure I still wore my skirts, and stood out from the crowd a bit, but I feel that people can ” know ” who I am now. The head scarf and the skirts I wear might make people wonder what my religion is.

Does this mean I’ll never cover my head again? No! I will still wear my head scarf to church services and youth group until I find something more suitable.

I know our Heavenly Father tells us women to cover our head, but at what age does that start? 7 or 17? Only while we pray? All the time? I like studying different religions’ views on the head covering, and I found one very confusing article. ( One day I will find it. ) From what I interpretted, an unmarried woman does not need to cover her head except during prayer. This could be true, it may not depending on the reader.

Am I right or wrong to ( for now, I guess ) stop covering my head in public and only cover in church. I’m not sure but I’m inclined to think it’s okay for me either way.

An article from My Jewish Learning says that some unmarried women do cover their heads, but apparently it isn’t a large practice. In my situation, I can’t really cover full-time. Hmm…

What are your thoughts on married womens’ head covering? And what are your thoughts on unmarried girls/womens’ head covering full-time?

Every Great Post Doesn’t Have a Title………

September 27, 2011 Leave a comment

It’s been a hectic couple of weeks. My mom is training to be a peer counselor for women wanting to breast-feed their babies and my dad can’t work because he’s on disability. So I have three ( half the time ) lovely children to help take care of, still complete my homeschool schoolwork, and have time to myself! Thankfully she isn’t gone more than about 7 ( 9 sometimes ) hours and I like letting everyone sleep til 10. ( And she only has to go a couple of times a week. )

Anyway! I haven’t been able to blog as much and I haven’t really  have ideas for a post lately. ( Another reason as to why I haven’t been posting multiple posts in a day. ) I also spend a lot of time playing games, reading, and surfing the web. 

The subject of head coverings has been on my mind a lot lately ( when I have time to think ). What qualifies to be a head covering? Does it have to cover a certain amount of hair to be able to be deemed a head covering?

What are your thoughts?

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September 25, 2011 1 comment

My mom crochets. I crochet, but I have an extremely difficult time following a pattern. So, right now she is currently working on making me a scarf! 🙂

I would love to wear crocheted hats ( except I’d wear a head scarf to church ) but as I said, I have a hard time following a pattern. So after my mom finishes the scarf, I’m thinking about asking her to make me a simple black hat. I got the pattern for free online so it’s all ready!

I will post pics when it’s done. ( Which may be a few weeks, and if she has the yarn to make it…which I don’t doubt, LOL! )

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What To Wear?

I constantly ask myself when I’m buying clothes or head coverings if they’re” appropiate “. I believe that there is no one and only modesty standard for everyone. Some may feel comfortable in loose pants, others in burkas, some in knee length skirts. It’s their decision, and no one has the right to judge their decision.

I’m not sure I could ever ditch the long skirts/dresses and different forms of head coverings. It just seems….well….natural to me now to wear them.

Sometimes we have extremely hot days, and I can honestly admit I don’t full-time cover at home, in private, my head tends to bake if you know what I mean.

Also, I thought burkas were going to be the first time of coverings I’d ever wear. Apparently not, LOL. My head scarfs give me a ” Muslim ” look sometimes, and I would so love a veil to give me more of a ” Christian ” look.

Also, what are everyones’ thoughts on religious cross-dressing? For instance, a jean jumper dress ( black or gray shirt underneath ) with a head scarf? ( I only own head scarfs, though I REALLY want a veil. )

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