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I Want To Be Treated Like A Person, Not An Object

December 30, 2011 Leave a comment

Men, when you see a woman ( or any age of female, teen, girl, etc ) wearing a mini-skirt, what do you do? Does it cause you to lust? Or do you shake your head because you know, whether or not she knows, that she is causing men to lust?

I dress in a modest, feminine manner because I believe that my Creator does not want me to be a stumbling block for the male population.

Some people argue that, because some females don’t wear jeans or anything like pants ( ex. shorts. ), they’re being ” legalistic “. ( Definiton of legalistic from The Free Dictionary )-Law) of, relating to, or exhibiting strict adherence to the law, esp to the letter of the law rather than its spirit.

I’m not sure whether I agree with some women or not that when Yahweh commands us in His Holy Word that women should not wear ” anything that pertaineth to a man “, that is really means women should not wear pants. But I personally believe that, no matter the style of pants, are not feminine.

I want to represent the glory of Yahweh,

I don’t want men to treat me like a sexual object,

I want to be treated like a person .

Can You Be Feminine In Jeans?

October 11, 2011 Leave a comment

Do I wear jeans? No. I might wear them eventually, with a long shirt over them. But I want to maintain my feminity. Which brings me to this question: Can you still be feminine in jeans? I want my readers’ opinions.

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Personal Reflections

October 10, 2011 Leave a comment

After Dad picked me up for dance, we stopped at a local gas station to fill the vehicle up. He asked me if I wanted anything. I said yes, and he asked me if I wanted to go in myself. I hesitated, but said yes.

Why did I hesitate? My bottom half clad in a miniskort and black legging. Not the problem. My upper half was in a tank top. Usually I go out with a cover-up if I wear a tank top. ( Some cover-ups are pretty cute. )

Which brings me to this question. Are tank tops ( by themselves ) immodest? My answer is this: I think it’s within the wearer’s heart and their convictions. If you’re convicted that wearing a tank top by itself is modest, then fine. But if you’re convicted that you shouldn’t, that’s also fine. In my personal opinion I think there is no one modesty standard for everyone, because our Yahweh created us different from each other.

I really admire Plain woman. Maybe someday I’ll convert to it, but for now it just clashes with my lifestyle ( some parts of my lifestyle are set in stone at the moment ).

But then again, I admire women who respect their bodies. I don’t care if you wear jeans or skirts/dresses, just….just as long….well, how do I say this…..what are the words I’m looking for?? You have to be wearing the clothes for the right reasons. Example: A hooker could easily wear a bonnet and cape dress and be mistaken for a Plain woman, but the attitude…..the spirit….the true reasons for wearing plain clothes aren’t there.  I prefer to be set apart from the world, I want people to look at me and say,” Hey, she’s not like us, she’s different. ” ( Okay, maybe not like that. )

Hopefully you will understand what I mean. Please feel free to post comments with your opinions. ( All comments are moderated, so please don’t waste your time spamming my blog. I have my ways of knowing who you are. 😉 )

How To Be Modest?

September 24, 2011 Leave a comment

There is no How To Be Modest 101 handbook in life. You, ( or your community depending on your beliefs, or your parents if you aren’t a legal adult.  ) decide what’s modest for you. Example: My 10 year old sister wears jeans. Okay, Mom’s fine with it. But with certain jeans, like skinny jeans, she requires my sister to wear a shirt long enough to cover her booty.

Don’t ever hesitate to ask your parents about what you can wear and such. If you’ve got an outfit in your closet that you’re not 100% sure they’ll let you wear in public, ask ’em!!

I wear skirts, but I do dance in shorts sometimes. Am I wrong to do it? No! Because in my family it’s considered modest or ok to do so.

What’s your modesty style?

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My Own Story

September 10, 2011 Leave a comment

I am being raised as a Seventh Day Adventist with three other siblings. I am blessed to have at least one understanding parent when it comes to modesty.

As most of you know by now, I was raised in jeans. This does not mean they were necessarily immodest, my mom tried to get me the loosest jeans possible. But when I was 12, some plain women ( Mennonite, I believe. ) were in a store. For some reason I felt ashamed with my attire. Soon I began researching modest attire ( skirts and stuff ) online. 

I gradually transitioned into skirts. Unfortunately, I was going to wear a skirt to youth group ( I think it was for the first time ) and I became so scared that I slipped into jeans at the last minute.

Now I feel somewhat more comfortable being myself at youth group. Thankfully two of my homeschooled friends go there and they ( somewhat ) understand why I wear what I wear.

Then I realized dance was slowly becoming an issue. I didn’t really have a chance, because we don’t get our costumes until a few months before the first performance. I was wearing booty shorts ( ughh ) and a gold top. I was embarrassed but I didn’t really have a choice, as some of you might think.

Finally, I found the courage to discuss the dance issue with my mom. She suggested that I talk with my ” main ” teacher about it, and perhaps she could get more modest costumes and/or start a seperate ballet/lyrical class.

Anyway, I still stumble during my modestt journey. I don’t always wear modest clothing, I sometimes go against my convictions, but that doesn’t make me a bad person.  Everyone makes mistakes, no one’s perfect, but we try our best to follow God’s commandments.

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Skirts vs. Jeans

I believe this is a hot topic. Which are ” appropiate ” and ” modest ” to wear? Both can be equally immodest and inappropiate.

When you’re wearing a skirt, try to find a full length mirror in your house. If you bend over and things are revealed that shouldn’t be revealed, try to find a longer skirt or get some loose leggings.

When you’re wearing jeans, look at yourself in a full length mirror. Make sure your jeans are loose, and that they don’t accentuate anything it shouldn’t.

Of course, you’re not always going to have the privilege of having a full length mirror. If you’re still living with your parents, room mate, or you’re married, ask the person you’re currently living with if the clothes you’ve donned is appropiate. Ask them key questions like:” Are these jeans too tight around my bottom/front area? ” ” When I wear this skirt and bend over, can you see anything that shouldn’t be seen? ” ” Is this shirt accentuate anything? Is it too tight. “

Always respect your parents’ or spouse’s opinion/rules on what you should and should not wear in public.

Have a great day and God bless!

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I was raised in jeans. Not super tight, provocative jeans, though. But one day my interest in head coverings/modest attire began when I saw pictures of Muslim and Amish women.

Soon enough I felt called to ditch the jeans and wear skirts/dress and head coverings. The head covering thing was sort of step-by-step. At first if I didn’t have a scarf to match my outfit ( like green headscarf and sparkly blue shirt ) I felt comfortable going without one. Eventually, I didn’t feel ” comfortable ” going out in public without my head being covered. ( except for dance performances, which I’ll post about later. )

Point is, the transition from jeans to skirts/dresses and head coverings has never been an easy one. Only a few people ( part of an online modesty group ) know I cover part-time for religious and modesty purposes. ( I wear my hair in a ponytail when I dance, but that again I will have to post about later. )

Anyway, I hope to find some like-minded people and some encouragment. 🙂

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