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My Few Days WITHOUT the Head Covering

October 2, 2011 1 comment

It started out with simply forgetting to don my head scarf as I rushed out to the car or being caught ” unscarved ” in a situation.

Quite honestly I didn’t feel uncomfortable in public! Sure I still wore my skirts, and stood out from the crowd a bit, but I feel that people can ” know ” who I am now. The head scarf and the skirts I wear might make people wonder what my religion is.

Does this mean I’ll never cover my head again? No! I will still wear my head scarf to church services and youth group until I find something more suitable.

I know our Heavenly Father tells us women to cover our head, but at what age does that start? 7 or 17? Only while we pray? All the time? I like studying different religions’ views on the head covering, and I found one very confusing article. ( One day I will find it. ) From what I interpretted, an unmarried woman does not need to cover her head except during prayer. This could be true, it may not depending on the reader.

Am I right or wrong to ( for now, I guess ) stop covering my head in public and only cover in church. I’m not sure but I’m inclined to think it’s okay for me either way.

An article from My Jewish Learning says that some unmarried women do cover their heads, but apparently it isn’t a large practice. In my situation, I can’t really cover full-time. Hmm…

What are your thoughts on married womens’ head covering? And what are your thoughts on unmarried girls/womens’ head covering full-time?

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