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Personal Reflections

October 10, 2011 Leave a comment

After Dad picked me up for dance, we stopped at a local gas station to fill the vehicle up. He asked me if I wanted anything. I said yes, and he asked me if I wanted to go in myself. I hesitated, but said yes.

Why did I hesitate? My bottom half clad in a miniskort and black legging. Not the problem. My upper half was in a tank top. Usually I go out with a cover-up if I wear a tank top. ( Some cover-ups are pretty cute. )

Which brings me to this question. Are tank tops ( by themselves ) immodest? My answer is this: I think it’s within the wearer’s heart and their convictions. If you’re convicted that wearing a tank top by itself is modest, then fine. But if you’re convicted that you shouldn’t, that’s also fine. In my personal opinion I think there is no one modesty standard for everyone, because our Yahweh created us different from each other.

I really admire Plain woman. Maybe someday I’ll convert to it, but for now it just clashes with my lifestyle ( some parts of my lifestyle are set in stone at the moment ).

But then again, I admire women who respect their bodies. I don’t care if you wear jeans or skirts/dresses, just….just as long….well, how do I say this…..what are the words I’m looking for?? You have to be wearing the clothes for the right reasons. Example: A hooker could easily wear a bonnet and cape dress and be mistaken for a Plain woman, but the attitude…..the spirit….the true reasons for wearing plain clothes aren’t there.  I prefer to be set apart from the world, I want people to look at me and say,” Hey, she’s not like us, she’s different. ” ( Okay, maybe not like that. )

Hopefully you will understand what I mean. Please feel free to post comments with your opinions. ( All comments are moderated, so please don’t waste your time spamming my blog. I have my ways of knowing who you are. 😉 )

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