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TV Degrades Women

I cannot believe that I have been so blind as to not realize more often that, on TV, a lot of these commericals and game shows are objectifying women. Whether it’s short, tight dresses or overly-exposed cleveage, it’s appalling just how low TV has sunk.

Which brings me to Candid Camera…..and Susanne Summers.

I’m sure the ” older ” generation of my readers are more aware of who Susanne Summers is and what she has played as. But for the ones that watch Candid Camera, you see Susanne’s….umm…..interesting wardrobe selection.

Tight dresses are the problem, and the over-exposement of her chest. I think it’s sad and silly. Women are to be respected, not objectifyed. I’ve seen some of her dresses lately and I’m shocked, though I’m not sure that she actually chooses them on her own. ( I also have a bit of sympathy for the male viewers, in the audience and at home. )

Thoughts? Am I the only one that thinks about this?

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