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Kerchiefs, Veils, Head scarfs, and Burkas?

Some wear kapps, some wear veils, some wear kerchiefs, some wear head scarfs, but some wear burkas.

I like the mysteriousness of the burka, lol.

From what I’ve seen, most start donning burkas after their menstrual cycle begins.

Some think burka wearers are oppressed, some are. But I think, however naively it may be, some may truly wear them out of choice. I can understand some people’s ” logic ” behind the burka. I don’t necessarily agree with it, but Yahweh created us all differently, so I’ll respect everyone’s opinions.

Anyway, the burka topic is a somewhat sticky, hot one. The burka bans. Religious intolerance or security issue? Don’t get me started, off topic anyway.

Do you wear or know someone who wears the burka? What are the reasons behind it for you? Do you wear a veil? Do you wear any head covering at all? If not, explain your convictions for us all. Remember, keep it civil. All comments are and will be moderated.

May Yahweh bless your day!

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