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I was raised in jeans. Not super tight, provocative jeans, though. But one day my interest in head coverings/modest attire began when I saw pictures of Muslim and Amish women.

Soon enough I felt called to ditch the jeans and wear skirts/dress and head coverings. The head covering thing was sort of step-by-step. At first if I didn’t have a scarf to match my outfit ( like green headscarf and sparkly blue shirt ) I felt comfortable going without one. Eventually, I didn’t feel ” comfortable ” going out in public without my head being covered. ( except for dance performances, which I’ll post about later. )

Point is, the transition from jeans to skirts/dresses and head coverings has never been an easy one. Only a few people ( part of an online modesty group ) know I cover part-time for religious and modesty purposes. ( I wear my hair in a ponytail when I dance, but that again I will have to post about later. )

Anyway, I hope to find some like-minded people and some encouragment. 🙂

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