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The Three Fs-Feminine, Funky, Fashionable

Femininity. It’s hard to maintain in this culture. Women are treated like objects and like sex objects.

I don’t want to be frumpy, but I don’t want to look like a hooker either. I layer, mix n match, and many other things. I found a totally cute dress. Spaghetti straps. My mom doesn’t let me wear any tops without it covering my shoulders, so I found a small black cardigan ( is that the right word? ) to suffice for it. It’s a white dress with pink and brown dots, I love it! ( I might post a picture one day. )

I like being modest yet funky and fashionable too. Drab clothing has its place, and so does fashionable yet modest clothing.

I like being feminine, funky, and fashionable. ❤ 🙂


Modesty Can Be Fashionable

Just look at the Muslim women with their stylish hijabs! You can still folllow God/Allah’s will but be stylish, even fashionable!

My mom is ” supportive “, I suppose you could say, of my head covering, though. I don’t think she’s realized yet that I cover for religious purposes! XD I’m not sure where my dad stands on the whole head scarf thing. One day, months ago, when I walked out in a long skirt, he asked me,” Where did you get that skirt? ” So I’m not sure where he stands on my whole modest attire thing. One night, on a ride back him, my sister, my dad, and I were discussing clothing. He then commented that he hasn’t seen me wear jeans in a while. I struggled to come up with an answer, but I didn’t mention modesty at all.

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