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The Head Covering

October 15, 2011 Leave a comment

I’m tired, it’s around 6 in the morning, and I’m not going to be falling asleep for a while now. So! I’ve decided to blog a bit.

What I’ve been thinking about recently is as to whether women are more submissive to their husbands when they’re wearing a head covering, or less submissive when they’re not covered.

From what I’ve seen, in my opinion, it sometimes depends on the woman. Mom doesn’t cover but she still is submissive towards my dad.

Also, I think the head covering is more of a physical reminder to submit to the husband’s ( or Dad’s ) authority, and keep you a little more focused in church. The head covering won’t make you perfect, but it can sure change your attitude. 🙂

Submission Towards The Head of The Household

October 14, 2011 Leave a comment

Let me just say that I’m not perfect, and please don’t think so. I’m not holier or better than you, I’m just a teen trying to find the truth.

The head covering, for me, has taught me more about submission than I ever thought it could. I had even more respect for the male head of my family ( my dad ) than I ever have. I was more submissive than usual, and I was more cautious with my tongue.

I’m not saying that the head covering will make you perfect, but it can definitely teach you a few things.

May Yahweh bless your day!! 🙂

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