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How To Be Modest?

September 24, 2011 Leave a comment

There is no How To Be Modest 101 handbook in life. You, ( or your community depending on your beliefs, or your parents if you aren’t a legal adult.  ) decide what’s modest for you. Example: My 10 year old sister wears jeans. Okay, Mom’s fine with it. But with certain jeans, like skinny jeans, she requires my sister to wear a shirt long enough to cover her booty.

Don’t ever hesitate to ask your parents about what you can wear and such. If you’ve got an outfit in your closet that you’re not 100% sure they’ll let you wear in public, ask ’em!!

I wear skirts, but I do dance in shorts sometimes. Am I wrong to do it? No! Because in my family it’s considered modest or ok to do so.

What’s your modesty style?

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Modesty In Shorts? ( Plus some stuff on plain dress )

September 20, 2011 1 comment

Yes I believe there can be modesty in shorts. I wear shorts sometimes to dance, but I try to not wear shorts that ride up my booty, lol. ( Please forgive my use of the word booty but I can’t think of any nicer, more appropriate word. )

I don’t wear shorts in general public. Maybe at home a few times and at dance, but that’s it. Lately, I’ve wondered if people think I’m a hypocrite since I wear skirts and dresses in general public?

I’m far from perfect. I make mistakes, like sometimes choosing the wrong outfit. I’m not always modest, but I try my best, eh?

I voiced my concern last night to my mom because my tap teacher is most likely getting us booty shorts. ( That’s actually why they’re called. ) I shudder at the thought of wearing them again. They might be an okay thing, but they’re like a second skin on me, if you know I mean. Modest? Haven’t decided…….

I’m sure that most, if not all, the teachers and dances at the studio I go to are Christians, but that seem to have very little sense of modesty. One girl’s parents ( who’s father is a preacher. ) did have a problem with the booty shorts. Sadly, I think she moved and she is no longer able to attend. Or she’s in a different group… Anyway!

I suppose if I don’t grow much more for 10 more months ( I’m a little over 5 feet 5 inches! ), that the booty shorts won’t get any tighter ( yeah right! ) or any shorter ( shakes my head with sarcasm ), they might be fine.

I’m also drawn to plain dress, though I do wear colorful head scarfs and outfits sometimes. As I write this post, I’m wearing a denim dress and a long sleeve black shirt. It’s a little hot at the moment ( one might say a bit muggy ) so I took off my flowered headscarf. ( I’m in the house. )

I’ve read Quaker Jane’s website and many different blogs on different Christian denominations and some of their followers’ individual beliefs and thoughts on modesty, etc. Quaker Jane is a very nice and very intelligent woman. 🙂 I can agree very much with her views on plain dress and modesty.

Anyway, I got off the subject of modesty in shorts. Feel free to comment about this and ( respectfully ) state your opinions on this topic. 🙂

God bless!

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